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Why Buy a BIPOC Book?

     It is important for Black children to see positive images of themselves reflected in the world. I recognize that a wonderful place to start is with children’s books, so it is my mission to help fill that void.

     Shop here for colorful and engaging picture books for young readers that feature BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) children as the main characters. Our stories promote the importance of family/generational bonds and how it is necessary to begin building great self-esteem from an early age.

     Also check out our BIPOC coloring books and Fairy Blessed© holiday greeting cards that are available below.

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Kimberly Barrett Luttery’s love for fiction began at an early age as she avidly read books and authored her own short stories and poetry. After receiving a B.A. degree in Mass Communications from Illinois State University, she spent much of her career working with non-profit organizations that focus on families and children including United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, and The Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta. 


Creative writing is Kimberly's passion. She founded Azure Dusk Publishing, LLC because of a desire to tell inspiring universal stories that appeal to all children, stories that would have a positive impact on how they perceive themselves and connect with others. These colorful interactive picture books target children ages 3 - 8 years old and feature African American children as the main characters. The simplicity of the language in each is perfect for reading aloud in a classroom, at bedtime, or anytime stories. Titles include Grandpa Had a Grandpa Too, Grandma Had a Grandma Too, and I am Wonderfully Made.


Kimberly also helps aspiring authors publish their books by assisting them with the self-publishing process, and providing writing, editing, and proofreading services. To learn more about her work, please visit

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