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Writing and Self-Publishing Services

If you are interested in authoring a book, or would simply like to improve your writing skills, we can help. With our extensive experience in writing and communications, our professionals can give you guidance on managing your project from conception to completion. Let us teach you the basics of Creative, Social, and Business writing. Learn at your own pace using by enrolling in our classes at insert the link here. Some of our course topics are listed below. (As the industry changes, course content is subject to change).

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  • Choosing a graphic artist for your project

  • How to secure a copyright

  • ISBN and Barcode

  • Is Print on Demand (POD) right for you

  • How to choose the right POD platform for your project

  • Creating your POD profile

  •  Crafting your bio

  • How to draft a book description

  •  Formatting your book

  • Pricing your book

  • Launching your book


  • Blogging

  • Posts

  • Website Content

  • Choosing Keywords


  • Drafting Emails

  • Correspondence

  • Speeches

  • Website Content


  • Getting started

  • How to outline a book

  • Writing tips

  • Choosing a genre

  • Identifying your audience

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